Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Return to Work

If a workplace injury or illness prevents your worker from performing regular job duties, the WCB will work with you, your worker and your worker's healthcare provider to develop a plan for a timely and safe return to work.

Remaining active, productive and connected to the workplace has positive effects on your worker's recovery. An effective return to work plan can also reduce claims costs, which can have an impact on your assessment rate.

A return to work plan focuses on the worker's capabilities rather than restrictions as a result of the injury. The plan can include:
  • Gradual building of hours and/or duties through an easeback program.
  • Modified or alternate work which may or may not be part of your worker's pre-injury duties.
  • Work conditioning to build strength and stamina.
For a return to work plan to be successful, there are a number of responsibilities you have as an employer:
  • Contact your worker as soon as possible after the injury occurs and maintain communication throughout recovery period.
  • Accommodate your worker's restrictions by providing safe and meaningful work.
  • Pay the worker's wages at the pre-injury/illness rate for any hours worked.
  • Provide the WCB with information about the worker's return to work plan.
  • Report your worker's time loss to the WCB so we can determine entitlement to wage loss benefits.
If you have questions about how to develop a Return to Work program that meets the needs of your workers and your business, the WCB can help. Contact our Return to Work Services Coordinator at 902-368-5680 for details.

For your convenience, the WCB's workshops, as well as all of our occupational health and safety events, are listed in our online calendar of events below. Simply browse through the listings and click an event title for more information. Alternatively, you can view the monthly calendar view or PDF version.

Under the Workers Compensation Act, all employers have a duty to cooperate in their workers' timely and safe return to suitable and available employment. Employers, other than those in the construction industry, that regularly employ twenty or more workers also have a duty to accommodate, which is the obligation to re-employ.

More information can be found in the WCB Returning to Work Makes Sense for Employers brochure, the Return to Work Guide for Employers and the WCB's return to work policies. If you have any questions about timely and safe return to work, or if you would like a copy of one of our publications, please contact us.