Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Industry Specific COVID-19 Tips and Resources

The following is a collection of COVID-related guidance documents from Canadian sources. This collection of documents shows what industries and other governments and organizations are doing to address COVID-19. These documents can be used to assist you with developing protocols for your business. However, you must ensure that your protocols are in compliance with Prince Edward Island’s Occupational Health and Safety legislation and PEI Public Health requirements.

Visit the PEI Chief Public Health Office website for the most up-to-date information on restrictions to contain COVID-19.


PEI Public Health – Campground Guidance
PEI Public Health - Tourism Establishment/Accommodation Guidelines

Arts and Cultural Facilities

WorksafeBC – Arts and Cultural Facilities: Protocols for Returning to Operation
WorksafeBC – Performing Arts: Protocols for Returning to Operation


CCOHS - Tips for Daycares
PEI Public Health - Day Camp Guidance
PEI Public Health - Licensed Child Care Centres
PEI Public Health - Unlicensed Child Care Centres


CAPEI - Pandemic Planning For The Construction Industry
CCOHS - Tips for Construction
PEI Public Health - Carpooling and Essential Transport Guidance
PEI Public Health - Construction and Landscaping Guidance

Correctional Facilities

CCOHS - Tips for Correctional Facilities
PEI Public Health - Carpooling and Essential Transport Guidance

Farming & Agriculture

CCOHS - Tips for Agriculture
PEI Public Health - Carpooling and Essential Transport Guidance
PEI Public Health - Farming COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
PEI Public Health - Guidance Document for Farms Employing Temporary Foreign Workers
PEI Public Health – U Pick Farm Guidelines

Fishing, Aquaculture & Seafood Processing

CCOHS - Tips for Food Processing
PEI Aquaculture Alliance - COVID-19 SOP Toolkit
PEI Public Health - Carpooling and Essential Transport Guidance
PEI Public Health - Commercial Fishing Vessel Safe Work Guidance
PEI Public Health - Protecting PEI Seafood Industry Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Food Service Premises

CCOHS - Tips Restaurants and Food Services
PEI Public Health - Food Premises Guidance
PEI Public Health - Food Safety COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Funeral Home and Worship Services

CCOHS - Tips Places of Worship
PEI Public Health – Funeral Home Guidance
PEI Public Health - Worship Services Guidance

Golf Course

PEI Public Health – Golf Course Guidance

Gym and Fitness Centres

PEI Public Health - Fitness Facility Guidance
PEI Public Health - Swimming Pools Guidance
WorkSafe BC - Gyms and Fitness Centres: Protocols for Returning to Operation

Hairdressers and Personal Care

Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce – Hairstylists and Barbers
PEI Public Health - Personal Services Guidance

Health Care

CCOHS - How to fit and remove a protective gown
CCOHS - How to fit and remove a surgical mask
CCOHS - Tips for Emergency and Patient Intake
CCOHS - Tips for First Responders
CCOHS - Tips for Long Term Care
PEI Public Health - Carpooling and Essential Transport Guidance
PEI Public Health - Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Community Care Facilities
PEI Public Health - Information for Health Care Workers

Home Delivery, Couriers and Transportation Sectors

CCOHS - Tips for Home Delivery and Couriers
WorkSafe BC - Transportation and COVID-19 Safety

In Person Counselling Services

WorksafeBC- In Person Counselling Services: Protocols for returning to Operation


CCOHS - Tips for Manufacturing

Office Environment

PEI Public Health - Workplace with Offices Guidance
PSHSA (Ontario) - Guidance for Employers of Office Settings
WorksafeBC – Offices: Protocols for Returning to Operation
WorksafeBC - Small Business and COVID-19 Safety

Outdoor Recreational Spaces

PEI Public Health – Organized Recreation Activities and Team Sports Guidance
PEI Public Health – Outdoor Recreation Spaces Guidance

Other Industries

CCOHS - Industry Tips
WorksafeBC - COVID 19 – Industry Information
WSPS - COVID-19 Sector Specific Health and Safety Guidance Documents

Real Estate

WorkSafe BC - Protocols for Returning to Operation


CCOHS - Tips for Retail
Government of Canada - Advice for essential retail workers during COVID-19
PEI Public Health - Retail Operations Guidelines
Retail Council of Canada - COVID-19 Health and Safety Resources