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Knowledge is the key to safety and the WCB wants to ensure that you have access to the information you need to build safer workplaces.

The WCB has an extensive collection of safety videos, based on safety research and best practices, in our multimedia library. The videos are listed below by topic and alphabetically, and are available for loan to Island workers and employers. Click on the link for a description, including format, length and language, of each video and complete a Multimedia Loan Request Form.

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Accident Investigation (top)

No workplace is exempt from accidents. And since you can't guarantee an accident will never take place in your workplace, it is important to know how to properly handle accidents when they occur. This program is designed to equip you with the information you need to understand why accidents occur in your workplace and how to avoid similar occurrences in the future. DVD. CLMI (12 minutes). English (1999). Industry: All.

Back Protection: Defending Your Safety Zone (top)

This video is designed to educate employees on how to prevent injury and repetitive stress by learning how the back works and proper body mechanics. It contains information necessary to instruct the new employee and to update the experienced employee. It is designed for a wide range of applications and work environments. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (20 minutes) English, French, Spanish, Portugese (2008) Industry: All.

Basic Safety in Forest Operations (top)

Maritime School of Forestry covers chain saw safety, PPE, tree felling techniques, hung up trees, and winching. DVD. Worksafe NB (23 mins). English, French (2000). Industry: Forestry.

Coaching Safety Performance: Job Safety Analysis (top)

This video emphasizes the importance of planning ahead for safety, instead of waiting for an accident to happen before analyzing job procedures. It demonstrates how to prepare for the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) be creating a JSA form and assembling a JSA team. The procedure for performing a JSA are detailed and include identifying job steps, identifying hazards and resolving hazards. Lastly, the importance of self-inspections is covered. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (15 minutes). English, Spanish, Portuguese (2004). Industry: All.

Confined Space Entry Investigation (top)

This video is designed tThis video is designed to educate employees on the hazards of working in confined spaces as well as to teach the basics of accident investigation. The goals are to avoid accidents before they happen and to avoid repeating the same types of accidents once they occur. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (22 minutes). English, Spanish, Portugese (2005). Industry:Construction, All.

Contractor Safety: It's Everybody's Business (top)

This video is designed tThis video is designed to inform employees about the hazards that they may face on multi-employer worksites and specific steps that they can take to significantly reduce the risk of accidents. It focuses on a variety of specific hazards including slips, trips and falls; fire safety; personal protective equipment; confined space entry; trenching and shoring; lockout\tagout; hotwork; chemical process safety; and working with hazardous chemicals. It outlines requirements of the general contractor or owner in relation to the responsibilities of the contractor on site. Any firm doing contract work in another workplace or hiring contractors will find this review useful. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (20 mins). English, Spanish, Portuguese (2007). Industry:Construction.

Disposable Respirator Exposure Control (top)

This video informs employees about the benefits of using disposable respirators to protect their health, and that these respirators can be very effective when used correctly. The video focuses on equipment selection, inspection, fit testing, storing and maintaining. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (12 minutes).English, Spanish, Portuguese (2004). Industry: All, Agriculture.

Due Diligence (top)

This video outlines the safety responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and workers. Using clips from WCB videos and commercials, this video vividly portrays the human cost of workplace accidents. DVD. Worksafe BC (1996). English (1996). Industry: All.

Electricity: The Invisible Killer (top)

Every year in Canada, more than 1,000 contacts are made with energized high voltage power lines and equipment. Also, electrical substations are routinely broken into. A contact or break-in may require a response from police, fire or EMS workers. Each contact or break-in has the potential to place emergency first responders at risk of serious injury or even death. Also available for online viewing at DVD. Maritime Electric (19 minutes). English, French. Industry: Electrical

Electricity: The Invisible Killer (Construction) (top)

Every year, many unnecessary and preventable contacts are made with energized power lines. In an industry-wide attempt to reduce the number of electrical contacts, the Canadian Electricity Association’s Occupational Health and Safety Program has produced this video to be used as a tool to mitigate risk, serious injury, or even death. Also available for online viewing at DVD. Maritime Electric (18 minutes). English, French. Industry: Construction, Electrical

Ergonomics - Watch Your Back (top)

Whether moving patients, test tubes, laundry or food, all healthcare workers need to protect their backs from undue stress. Healthcare workers have a high risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders or back injuries. This DVD shows healthcare employees some of the causes of back injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders and how to avoid them. It explains the signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and the risk factors for developing a MSD. The program also discusses steps that can reduce the risk in various healthcare jobs such as proper lifting and setup of work areas. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (17 minutes). English, Spanish, Portugese (2008).Industry: Healthcare.

Ergonomics in the Workplace: Work Smarter, Not Harder (top)

A resource exclusively for food processors. The video imitates an Olympic competition designed to inform employees in the area of Musculoskeletal Injuries risk reduction, including the basic principles of movement and self-management strategies, in addition to more detailed information about the commonly injured areas. DVD. National Seafood Sector Council (20 minutes). English, French (2007). Industry: Food Processing.

Every Choice Matters (top)

Their families and loved ones. When someone is seriously injured or hurt on the job, the pain and devastation that follows doesn’t stop with the individual. It continues to cut into the lives and hearts of family members, friends and coworkers long after the incident is over. This program features interviews with those whose lives were changed forever by a workplace incident. Motivate your employees to make the safe choice each and every time with this high-impact program. DVD. Coastal (19 minutes). English, Spanish, Portugese (2010). Industry: All

Fall Protection - The Right Connection (top)

In buildings and on scaffoldings, the dangers run high and your safety standards have to tower above the risks. This DVD was created to introduce viewers to fall protection systems and heighten their awareness of fall hazards in their work place. It covers fall protection systems and the components that make up these systems and the proper way to care for and maintain fall protection equipment. A fall protection system component that is often forgotten is your rescue plan, and this DVD also covers your plan so you are not relying on 911 emergency services that may not be available in time nor have the appropriate equipment on hand. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (18 minutes). English, Spanish, Portugese (2007). Industry: Construction, All.

Farm Safety for Children (top)

The Farm Safety for Children DVD is a versatile educational tool developed for rural children ages 6-12. This educational tool presents farms safety information on ATV safety, chemical safety, electrical safety, machinery safety, grain handling, livestock handling, hearing safety and water safety. The DVD also includes testimonials. DVD. Alberta Farm Safety Centre. English. Industry: Agriculture

Guarding (top)

This DVD describes the types of guards available for different work situations and how their use can prevent injuries and save lives. DVD. Worksafe BC (14 min). English (1991). Industry: Construction and Manufacturing

Hazard Communication: Your Safety Net -and- WHMIS: Your Safety Net (top)

This video emphasizes the importance of hazard communication for anyone who works with hazardous materials. The program explains material safety data sheets, the types of hazards chemicals can pose and the ways that exposure limits are measured. The program also details how to control and handle exposure, as well as the different types of labels found on hazardous material containers. Lastly, the program explores how to follow safe work practices when using hazardous materials on the job. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (18 minutes). Hazard Communication - (English, French, Spanish, Portugese). WHMIS - 15:30 minutes (2008). Industry: All.

Hazard Recognition and Control (top)

This video is designed to instruct workers to recognize and control hazards before they become accidents. The program also covers common unsafe acts and conditions that can lead to accidents. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (17 minutes). English, French (2006). Industry: All.

Hearing Protection: Sounds Good to Me (top)

This video is designed to inform employees how to reduce the risk of hearing loss. The program, hosted by Charlie Daniels, covers the ear functions, sound impact on the ear, and hearing protection devices. It also shows how the employee and employer work together to minimize the impact of noise in the workplace. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (14 minutes). English, French (2006). Industry:All.

IDrive (top)

This presentation raises awareness among drivers and passengers under the age of 25 about the risks and consequences of aggressive and unsafe driving practices. It includes discussion of driver distraction, drowsy driving, impairment by alcohol and drugs, and aggressive driving. DVD. Serco -Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving. (17 minutes). English. Industry: Young Worker.

Incident Investigation – Once is Enough! (top)

This DVD offers a system to uncover the real reasons behind safety incidents. Only after root causes are identified can effective steps be taken to prevent a recurrence. Several scenarios in this video demonstrate the use of in-depth methods to help a team effectively investigate incidents and identify their causes so they don’t happen again. DVD. CoreMedia (20 minutes). English (2008). Industry: All

Just Another Day (top)

This DVD offers a hazard recognition refresher developed especially for the experienced worker. Viewers of this DVD will keep score as they follow five experienced employees, of varying ages and backgrounds, as they go about their busy day. Count how many hazards get missed as they encounter one risky situation after another until the sobering ending. This program discusses 1) the importance of staying focused, 2) the danger of becoming distracted, 3) why the proper use of PPE is essential, 4) the risks of getting complacent, and 5) why safety procedures must be followed at all times. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (23 minutes). English, Spanish, Portuguese (2009). Industry:All.

Leading Indicators: It’s the Little Things (top)

Jeff "Odie" Espenship is a United States Air Force A-10 Warthog fighter pilot and also an international airline pilot. As a flight leader, he knows what it takes to operate safely in a high-risk and sometimes dangerous work environment. In this dynamic presentation, Odie discusses his experiences involving shortcuts and complacency as a pilot and how they relate to common workplace situations. Because these leading indicators tend to snowball and contribute to accidents, he stresses that employees must always be aware of the "little things" and take action when they tempt us or our co-workers to perform unsafe acts. DVD. Aurora Pictures (14 mins). English (2009). Industry: General

Lost Youth (top)

Four youths speak about the workplace accidents that changed their lives forever. Graphic reenactments of the accidents are realistic and the youths' stories are compelling; the youths and their parents discuss the importance, for new and young workers, of asking questions, and receiving proper training. DVD. Worksafe BC (17 mins). English (1999). Industry: Young Worker.

Making It Fit: Improving Our Office Comfort (top)

A desk, a chair, a phone, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse are the standard working tools of millions of people. But these simple tools can take their toll when we don’t fit the equipment to the physical needs of the office worker. This program covers ergonomics in the office environment and how to avoid the fatigue, strain and stress that can result from the poor office setup. DVD. Aurora Pictures (15 mins). English (2011). Industry: Office

Manual Handling for Industry (top)

Unsafe manual handling can cause injuries, particularly musculoskeletal disorders (or MSDs). This DVD is ideal for providing your warehouse and factory workers with a snapshot of how to lift correctly. Topics covered in this DVD include: Manual handling injuries, MSDs, how your back works, an interview with an injured worker, risk factors, case studies and principles of safe manual handling. DVD. English. Vocam (22 mins). Industry: General, Food Processing, Manufacturing


This DVD shows Canadian farmers who use their safety plans to manage the everyday safety risks of augers, tractors and agricultural chemicals. All of them work their safety plans to create a safe environment for themselves, their families and their employees. Produced for the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association by Cause and Effect Communications with financial support from Farm Credit Canada. DVD. CASA (15 mins). English and French (2011). Industry: Agriculture

Promises, Promises (top)

We all make promises - to our friends, to loved ones and to ourselves. In this program, viewers will see how the choices and decisions we make about personal safety both on and off the job impact our ability to keep those promises. Featured are the stories of two families, each with its own hopes and dreams. These dreams, unfortunately, are shattered by poor safety choices involving 1) lockout/tagout and 2) seatbelt and cell phone use while driving. Your employees will always remember the video's universal theme: seemingly minor safety decisions can have huge unintended consequences. The program ends with an upbeat message, as we see the family members who made a poor decision given a second chance to do things the right way and see their promises fulfilled. *Warning: Contains graphic workplace accident scene* DVD. Aurora Pictures (10 mins). English (2004). Industry: General

Remember Charlie (top)

Years ago, Charlie Morecraft took a shortcut from standard safety procedures. The result? Charlie was burned over 50% of his body in a refinery explosion. He spent five years in the hospital. He lost his family. He lost everything he treasured. In Remember Charlie, Charlie himself brings this amazing story to your audience by recalling his life before and after the accident. By confronting people with the very real consequences of their actions, Charlie drives home the importance of following safety procedures - every day. A great DVD for your next management meeting to work toward a better safety culture for your organization. DVD. Phoenix Safety Management (56 minutes). English. Industry: All, Management.

Rural Safety Sense (top)

The Rural Safety Sense DVD is a versatile educational tool developed for rural youth ages 12-19. As the safety concepts discussed are applicable to all individuals living or working on a farm, this DVD will be a resource for the entire family as they plan and prepare to reduce the risks associated with rural living. This educational tool presents farm safety information on crushing, entanglement, drowning & asphyxiation, toxic substance, falls & collisions, noise exposure, and electricity. The DVD also includes personal experiences. DVD. Alberta Farm Safety Centre. English (2012). Industry: Agriculture

Safety Attitudes: Food for Thought (top)

This video is designed to instruct employees on the importance of safety awareness and being proactive when it comes to safety on the job. It looks at specific on-the-job events to determine how these incidents, hazards, and/or accidents could have been avoided. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (15 minutes).English, Spanish, Portugese (2001).Industry: All.

Safety Orientation On Alert (top)

This video is designed to educate employees about common workplace hazards and how they can protect themselves against the risks of on-the-job illness, injury and death. It introduces new employees and updates experienced employees on a wide range of applications and work environments. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (25 minutes). English, Spanish, Portugese (2004). Industry: All.

Scissor and Boom Lifts (top)

Elevated work platforms such as scissor and boom lifts allow us to safely perform various tasks and maintenance operations at heights that otherwise may be unreachable. While there are many different styles of lifts designed for various applications and site conditions, they all have one thing in common: the potential for serious injury or death when operated in a careless manner. Electrocution, falls, crushed body parts and tip-overs are just a few examples of incidents that often result from unsafe operation. This video discusses the procedures lift operators must follow to prevent these types of incidents. Topics include factors that affect stability, pre-operational inspection, protecting against falls from platforms and safe driving procedures. DVD. ERI (23 minutes). English, Spanish (2006) Industry: Construction, Warehousing, All

Slips, Trips and Falls (top)

This DVD explores the range of factors that contribute to slips, trips and falls—including human factors, poor housekeeping, types of flooring, environmental factors, and inappropriate footwear. A slip & fall scenario is presented in the DVD to allow you to discuss with employees ways the accident could have been prevented and how to prevent similar accidents in your own workplace. The program includes strategies for prevention of falls at the same level as well as falls from ladders and other heights. DVD. Vocam (15mins). English (2010). Industry: General

Stairways and Ladders - The First Step (top)

In construction, the risks are high and safety standards must not come crashing down. This DVD is designed to remind viewers what ladders and stairways in their workplace were designed for and how to use them properly. It demonstrates how to safely use portable ladders, fixed ladders and stairways. It also covers proper ladder set-up, inspection and maintenance, and safe work practices. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (18 minutes). English, Spanish, Portugese (2007). Industry: Construction, All.

Supervision in Health Care: Know Your Responsibilities (top)

Supervisors in health care are often unaware that they are responsible for their workers’ safety. This DVD is intended to help supervisors learn what they they need to do to ensure the safety of their staff. The DVD is divided into four sections: introduction and general information on supervision; hazard identification and assessment; hazard control; and correction of unsafe work practices. DVD. Worksafe BC (19mins). English (2010). Industry: Health care.

Take Time for Safety (Refresher) (top)

In our busy lives, we are often faced with time-management choices. When given the chance, we must always choose safety over time savings, because rushing causes us to lose focus, skip steps, and make bad decisions. In fact, the time we spend staying safe is time well spent. In this program, workers learn the very real hazards associated with rushing and being in a hurry. Through various examples, viewers will learn to recognize the symptoms of becoming rushed, why "hurried working" is so dangerous and what steps they can take to stay safe. The program also makes the point that being in a hurry is not the real cause of incidents and injuries, but rather a symptom of poor planning, poor choices and poor time-management--all of which can be prevented by proper preparation and organization. DVD. Aurora Pictures (10 mins). English. Industry: General

The Safest Catch (top)

This DVD is designed for commercial fishers from the East and West coasts of Canada. It features owners, masters and crew explaining their roles, responsibility and accountability for safety on a variety of fishing vessels. It highlights professional fishers demonstrating realistic safety drills and safety orientation for their crews. DVD. Fish Safe (27 minutes) English (2009) Industry: Fishing

The Supervisor (top)

This video is a docudrama that examines a supervisor's responsibility for workplace health and safety. It depicts the emotional, legal, and financial consequences of a workplace accident that results in the death of a young worker. DVD. Worksafe BC (15 minutes). English (2004). Industry: All, Young Worker.

Understanding Safety in the Office (top)

If you think office work is completely safe, think again. Potential hazards in the office can be avoided by taking simple precautions. Topics covered in this video include: office housekeeping, safety around the office, your workstation, manual handling, emergency response, office security, and aggression response. DVD. Vocam (20 mins). English (2008). Industry: Office.

Warehouse Safety: It's No Mystery (top)

This video is designed to inform employees about the most common hazards in warehouses and how to avoid them. The program explains the importance of good housekeeping, hazard communication, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and paying attention to ergonomics. It also shows how to minimize back injuries and work safely with and around forklifts at the loading dock. DVD. Electrolab/Coastal (22 minutes). English, French (2004). Industry: All, Food Processing, Manufacturing.

We Miss David (top)

Friends and family reminisce about an 18 year old Ontario boy who was killed on the second day of a new job. The video focuses on the emotional impact of workplace fatality, with a thought provoking introduction by David's father. DVD. WSIB Ontario (11 mins). English. Industry: Young Worker.

What Would You Say? (top)

We all occasionally witness unsafe behavior. But talking with our coworkers about safety can be difficult. This video helps us learn to effectively communicate with our co-workers when we see them behaving unsafely. What Would You Say? features three potentially hazardous workplace incidents in which workers confront each other about the hazards. Examples of poor communication are demonstrated, followed by effective and positive communication techniques. Suitable for new and experienced employees in a wide variety of settings. DVD. Aurora Pictures (15 mins). English (2005). Industry: General

Work Safe with Rod Stickman (top)

Animated safety hero, Rod Stickman, takes a humorous approach in raising awareness about workplace safety issues. The DVD includes five 3-minute videos: Communicating at Work, Returing to Work; Slips & Falls; Working From Heights; Working Safely by Design. WCB of PEI, WHSCC Newfoundland, WCB of Nova Scotia.(15min) English. Industry: All.