Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

JOSH Committees

A Joint Occupational Safety and Health (JOSH) Committee is a group of worker and employer representatives who work together to address health and safety issues in their workplace.

If your workplace employs twenty or more workers, the law on Prince Edward Island says that a JOSH Committee must be established.

At least half of the JOSH Committee members must be workers who do not have any managerial responsibilities, and who are selected by the workers or their union.

The role of the JOSH Committee is to facilitate communications on health and safety issues. The Committee provides a link between management and staff, so that health and safety solutions can be developed, together.

Responsibilities of the JOSH Committee include:
  • Meeting at least once per month and posting the minutes from the meetings.
  • Establishing rules of procedure.
  • Participating in regular inspections and investigations of incidents.
  • Making recommendations to the employer for improvements on health and safety issues.
  • Encouraging workers to first report hazards and concerns to their supervisor.
Download the Safety Committees Health and Safety Responsibilities poster and display it in your workplace.

The WCB has a number of tools designed to assist JOSH Committees with workplace health and safety. We also offer workshops and seminars that provide information on requirements under the OHS Act and the development of health and safety programs in your workplace.

For more information, refer to the Information on Workplace Health & Safety booklet or contact us. Our Occupational Health and Safety staff are available to help.