Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Workshops & Seminars

The WCB is committed to ensuring that you have the safety skills and knowledge required to build a strong safety culture in your workplace. As such, we offer a variety of free sessions for Island employers, workers and other Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) stakeholders.

Our education sessions are offered free of charge. They are facilitated by a WCB Education Consultants, who will provide information on OHS legislation and assistance with health and safety program development.

The WCB's safety education sessions cover topics such as:
  • Occupational Health and Safety Programs
  • Safety for Managers and Supervisor
  • Health & Safety Committees
  • As well as many other safety topics, including sessions that may be tailored to you at your workplace.
To view a list of upcoming OHS education sessions, click here.

Pre-recorded webinar sessions are also available in the "Webinar" section below.

Contact the OHS division to register for a public workshop or schedule one at your workplace.

Phone 902-368-5697, toll free in Atlantic Canada 1-800-237-5049 or email


In an ongoing effort to provide PEI workers and employers with workplace health and safety education, WCB PEI offers the following pre-recorded webinars. These webinars provide a convenient option for orientating new employees, educating safety committees, or enhancing the company safety culture by promoting workplace health and safety.
Young Worker Safety: Changing the Culture

Young Worker Safety: Changing the Culture
Participants will learn what is now known about the significant influence supervisors can have on young worker safety, and how employers and supervisors might capitalize on this. Participants will hear what young PEI workers say about their hesitation to raise their workplace safety concerns, and what they can do to encourage young workers to speak up.

Workplace Safety for Supervisors

Workplace Safety for Supervisors
Supervisors play a critical role in ensuring health and safety in the workplace. Because they direct the work of others, supervisors are well positioned to impact safety culture at work. This session will introduce participants to the concept of due diligence, and inform them of the legal responsibilities supervisors have for worker safety.

Health and Safety Committee Basics

Health and Safety Committee Basics
Did you know workplaces with 20 or more workers must have a safety committee? An effective safety committee is a group of worker and employer representatives working together to promote health and safety in their workplace. This session will provide you with everything you need to know to establish a safety committee in your workplace that meets the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Workplace Harassment Online Course

Workplace Harassment Regulations
Workplace harassment can undermine a person's dignity and well-being. When not addressed, it can lead to negative outcomes for the workplace, including absenteeism, stress, and decreased morale. This session will introduce participants to the new Workplace Harassment Regulations, and outline the employer and worker responsibilities in establishing a harassment-free workplace.