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Employers report high satisfaction with Workers Compensation Board

February 08, 2022

The results of the 2021 Employer Survey are in and the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) is pleased to report that this year's survey shows high results, scoring 83.4 in its service satisfaction index, down slightly from the previous survey in at 85.0. The index is a measure of employers' satisfaction with a variety of service dimensions, including effectiveness, fairness and service delivery.

In the fall of 2021, 500 Island employers participated in the survey conducted by the independent research company, Narrative Research.

On an alternating biannual basis, the WCB polls its two key stakeholder groups, injured workers and employers, to gauge satisfaction with the WCB's services and to identify areas for improvement.

Recent WCB service improvements for Island employers include the following:


  • Annual monitoring of the WCB's employer classification to ensure the system remains fair and relevant to Island workplaces.
  • Changes to employer registration and personal coverage policies to provide greater clarity of independent operator status
  • Developed several new safety guides for employers, including topics such as joint occupational health and safety committees, workplace first aid regulations, asbestos management
  • Amendments to the OHS Act General Regulations and Fall Protection changes to harmonize regulatory requirements to enable employers and workers to work more seamlessly across jurisdictions
  • Changes introduced to Experience Rating Program Changes to include more employers into the program

Based on the survey results, 93% of employers surveyed, believe the WCB provides a benefit to employers and does a good job of keeping them informed.

The results also demonstrated that over half of the employers' surveyed feel that there are not a lot of administrative issues in their interactions with the WCB.

Awareness of WCB's education consultant was the area of largest decline in 2021 with 70% of employers unaware of the service (previously 61%). Promoting availability of this free resource on various health and safety topics will be a key priority for the Board going forward.

"We are pleased with the results of the 2021 Employer Satisfaction Survey," said WCB Chair Jim MacPhee. "The survey results confirm that employers are satisfied with the services and support we provide them."

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