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Hazard Alert - Fishing Vessel Hoist - July 19, 2024

Recently, a PEI fisher was fatally injured when the boom of a hoist, used for raising lobster traps out of the water, was inadvertently activated. This caused the boom to descend unexpectedly, striking the fisher on the head and shoulder.



To prevent this situation from happening, take the time to read the recommendations provided in this Hazard Alert

Online Course - Workplace Disability Management - July 19, 2024

Work disability happens when a worker is unable to remain at work or resume work due to an injury or illness.


To provide supervisors, managers, directors and executives in PEI with guidance for creating, planning, implementing, and evaluating Work Disability Prevention Programs, the WCB offers a FREE online course.


 Enroll here 

Guide for employers of young workers - July 17, 2024

As an employer, it is your responsibility to protect all your workers. However, it can be challenging to fulfill those responsibilities when dealing with young workers.


Here is our Guide for employers of young workers to help you out.

Creating a harassment-free workplace - July 16, 2024

It’s Pride Fest 2024 July 12 to 21! As we celebrate diversity and inclusivity on PEI, it’s important to note that there is no place for harassment in the workplace.


 Learn more about creating a harassment-free workplace here. 

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