Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Our Strategic Plan

The WCB's 2024-2026 Strategic Plan maps out the future course for our organization and guides the work that we do on behalf of our stakeholders. The plan is based on the WCB’s mission, vision and guiding principles, and includes three focus areas:

Our Team

We value our team and are committed to building and sustaining a workplace that drives organizational success. Our people are key to the work we do. The overarching goal is to build a high performing organization with an engaged and supported team.

Complex and Evolving Needs

We recognize that the needs of workers and employers are evolving and becoming more complex. The overarching goal is to provide consistent, fair and comprehensive coverage and compensation.

Business Transformation

We will create a modern, efficient model to better serve employers and workers. The overarching goal is to define and initiate a multi-phased journey to drive business transformation.

To download the 2024-2026 Strategic Plan, please click here.