Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island


The WCB's mission is to promote safe workplaces and protect employers and injured workers through a sustainable accident insurance program.

As an employer, you have many important roles in the workers compensation system.
  • Employers are responsible to maintain a safe workplace and to work in partnership with your workers and the WCB to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses from happening.
  • If a workplace injury occurs, you must understand what is required of you during the claim process and assist your worker to return to work safely.
  • Employers pay premiums which are used to pay benefits to workers who are injured or become ill in the workplace. It is important that you maintain your registration and coverage.
Protection under the workers compensation system benefits you, as an employer, because it means that a worker cannot sue you over a workplace injury or illness. Employers may also be protected from legal action by any other worker or employer covered by the Workers Compensation Act related to a workplace injury or illness.

More WCB information for employers is available in our guide, Information for Employers booklet as well as in our resources for employers. If you would like to learn more about working within the compensation system, contact the WCB to arrange an Orientation Session.