Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island


On Prince Edward Island, most industries are required by law to have coverage under the provincial compensation system.

Excluded Workers and Industries

The following occupations and industries are excluded from the application of the Workers Compensation Act except where worker in the occupation is working in an industry that must have compensation coverage.
  • Artists, entertainers or performers
  • Circus operations, travelling shows and trade shows
  • Clergy
  • Demonstrating and exhibiting
  • Employment by a person in respect of a function in the private residence of that person
  • Carriers employed in delivering newspapers or other publications
  • Salespersons who are not restricted to selling goods for one manufacturer or supplier
  • Selling or similar canvassing on streets
  • Sports professionals, players
  • Volunteer workers
  • Outworkers, being persons to whom articles or materials are given out to be made up, cleaned, washed, altered, ornamented, finished, repaired or adapted for sale in their own home or on other premises not under the control and management of the person who gave out the articles or materials
  • Transportation by taxi
  • Fishing
If you are an employer from any of the industries mentioned above, you may choose to:
  • Apply for Optional Coverage.
  • Proprietors and partners of a non-incorporated business, owners and directors of a corporation and independent operators can apply for Personal Coverage.
Although sports coaches and instructors, peddlers and door-to-door salespersons are excluded from the Workers Compensation Act, the Board has issued an order that the Act applies to those workers.

Optional Coverage

If you are an employer in an industry not covered by the Act, you can apply for Optional Coverage by registering with us using our Online Services or submit an Employer Registration Form.

If you would like more information about Optional Coverage, please contact us.

Personal Coverage

Personal Coverage is voluntary. A proprietor or partner of a non-incorporated business, owner or director of a corporation or an independent operator, you may apply for coverage by completing a Personal Coverage Application.

If you are an independent operator, you must also complete an Independent Operator Checklist. To find out if Personal Coverage is right for you, please review our Personal Coverage Frequently Asked Questions.

If you would like to learn more information about Personal Coverage, please contact us.

Clearances for Contractors and Subcontractors

Employers should request a clearance letter from the WCB whenever contractors or subcontractors with workers are hired. The clearance letter confirms that the contractor's account with the WCB is in good standing.

Clearance makes sure that the employer is protected, and that all employers carry their fair share of the cost of the compensation system. Without clearance, an employer may be liable for their contractors or subcontractors' assessments if they have not paid assessments for their workers.

You can obtain a clearance letter for your contractors or subcontractors through our Online Services, or by contacting us.

You can learn more about WCB coverage and clearance in the Information for Employers booklet and in the WCB employer services policies. If you have any questions or would like a copy of a form or publication, please contact us.