Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

The Claim Process

The WCB understands that suffering a work-related injury or illness is stressful, so we strive to make sure you have all the information you need to file a claim and receive the services and benefits you may be entitled to.

The first step in the claims process is reporting your injury to the WCB, immediately after seeking medical attention. Click HERE to report your injury and file your claim.

The WCB Claim Process

All claims filed with the WCB begin with adjudication. Adjudication is the decision-making process to consider whether or not a claim can be accepted.

To adjudicate your claim, the WCB requires: When a Worker's Report is filed, the WCB registers your claim and assigns it to a case worker. If more information is required to make a decision, or if some information is missing, the case worker will contact you, your health care providers or your employer.

All injury reports filed with the WCB are unique, and require attention. The processing time for most WCB claims is one to two weeks. However, more complex claims could take longer than two weeks.

Once we have all the information we need, the case worker will make a decision on your claim. If your claim is accepted, you may be eligible for benefits and services, and the return to work process may begin.

If your claim is not accepted, you will be informed by a letter. If you have any questions or concerns, you may discuss the decision with the case worker. Please note that you have the right to request a reconsideration of the decision within 90 days from the date the decision was made.

You are entitled to benefits once your claim is accepted, although treatments such as physiotherapy and chiropractic services may be approved before a decision is made.

If your injury causes you to lose time from work, your claim will be transferred to the WCB case management team, and they will assist you throughout your medical recovery and your return to work.
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Roles and Responsibilities

As a worker, you are responsible for taking reasonable steps to help yourself recover and return to work. This includes:
  • Contacting your employer as soon as possible after the injury occurs, and maintaining weekly contact throughout your recovery.
  • Cooperating with your employer and the WCB in the timely and safe return to work process.
  • Taking an active role in your recovery by:
    • following the prescribed treatment,
    • attending scheduled appointments, and
    • asking questions if there is something you don't understand.
  • Please note that participation in your treatment plan is essential to your recovery. If you miss treatments or appointments, you may delay your recovery and risk suspension of your benefits.
  • Keeping your WCB case worker informed of any changes in your medical condition or income, including confirmation of a return to work date. If you are not sure whether a change should be reported, ask your case worker.
  • Maintaining weekly contact with a WCB Occupational Therapist, if one is involved in your recovery.
From the WCB, you can expect:
  • To be treated with fairness, care, and respect.
  • Open and honest communication.
  • Professionalism and integrity.
  • Your case worker to assist you toward a successful recovery and return to work by:
    • Assisting you with your claim.
    • Answering questions about your treatments and conditions.
    • Acting as a contact with your health care providers and your employer.
    • Coordinating resources to support you and your family during your recovery and return to work.
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If you can't find what you are looking for, or have any questions about your claim, please contact us.

Please have the following on hand when contacting the WCB:
  • Your date of injury or the date you first noticed symptoms.
  • Case Worker's name and phone number.
  • Your claim number.
More information about managing your claim can be found in the Information for Workers booklet and our claims policies.