Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Assessment Rates

As an Island employer, you contribute to an accident fund to pay for the cost of the compensation system. Your contributions are based on your annual assessable payroll and your assessment rate.

Assessment rate group assignments are determined using the employer classification system, in which employers are assigned into different groups pertaining to their broader industry class. Industries are grouped together based on similar lines of business, and then assigned to a Rate Group based solely on claims experience.

Preventing accidents and reducing the risk of workplace injury can have a positive impact on assessment rates. For more information about how safety efforts can protect you and your workers, including the details of our Experience Rating programs, please visit the Safety Matters section of this website.

Assessment rates are set annually by the WCB's Board of Directors and are per $100 of assessable payroll based on the maximum assessable earnings for that year. For 2022, the maximum assessable earnings is $58,300 and for 2023, it will be $65,000. The rates are based on:
  • The relative costs of injuries.
  • The payroll for all employers in each Rate Group.
  • The cost of administering the compensation system.
Information about how your rate is calculated is available using the WCB's Online Service, Rate Calculation Details.

Each year in January, you will be notified of your assessment rates for the upcoming year. This information will be included in your registration renewal package. The payments section of the website outlines your payment options.

Current rates for all Rate Groups can be found in the Classification of Industries & Assessment Rates booklet. For a table of 2023 Group Rates, please click here.

More information about assessment rates is available in the Information for Employers booklet and in the WCB's employer services policies.

If you have questions about your assessment rate, or if you would like a copy of one of our publications, please contact us.

Employer Classification System

Employers in PEI are classified by the industry in which they operate and this classification is based on the employer's primary business activity. Employers within each class, who have similar operations and share similar risks, are further grouped together for rate setting purposes.

The employer classification system is based on three principles:
  1. Balance. It recognizes different risk levels among employers, is clear and transparent, and provides adequate protection to Island employers.
  2. Consistency. It is objective, stands the test of time, and takes into account both cost experience and line of business.
  3. Motivation. It supports injury prevention initiatives and is based on credible cost experience that reflects an industry's true injury risk and costs.
More information about the classification system, please refer to WCB Policy Employer Classification (POL-42) or contact us.