Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Policy Changes Provide Better Coverage for First Responders and all Workers

May 12, 2016

The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Prince Edward Island has revised their policy related to psychological and psychiatric conditions. The changes will recognize the increased risk in occupations such as emergency first responders.


The changes expand current coverage to include psychological conditions, like PTSD which could result from the cumulative effect of working in an occupation where there is increased exposure to events that in any other occupation would be considered to be traumatic.


“WCB has been closely monitoring legislative and policy changes in other jurisdictions to assist in determining the best course of action for PEI,” said Stuart Affleck, Workers Compensation Board Chair. “After a long period of researching, planning and consulting, we are pleased to move forward on this important piece of work.”


A worker may be entitled to compensation benefits for a psychological or psychiatric condition if it is determined that there has been a significant or severe reaction to an unexpected and emotionally shocking event, or the cumulative effect of a series of events.         


“Through the consultation process, we received excellent feedback from our stakeholders on the proposed changes,” said Luanne Gallant, Acting CEO for the WCB. “We reviewed all of the recommendations and took great consideration into incorporating a number of changes into the final version of the policy. We also developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to help clarify some of the questions that were raised by our stakeholders.”


The revised version of the policy has received final approval by the WCB Board of Directors and can be viewed on their website, along with the FAQ.


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