Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Satisfaction Survey Continues to Provide Valuable Information

April 25, 2017

The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) is pleased to release the results of the 2016 WCB Injured Worker Survey, which continues to show positive results in the service satisfaction index. The index is a composite measure of injured workers’ overall experience with the WCB, as well as their satisfaction with a variety of service dimensions including fairness, decision making and service delivery.


In the fall of 2016, over 500 injured workers participated in the survey conducted by the independent research company, Corporate Research Associates.  On an alternating biannual basis, the WCB polls its two key stakeholder groups, injured workers and employers, to gauge satisfaction with the WCB’s services and to identify areas for improvement.


Similar studies have been conducted every two years since 2002 and the results demonstrate that the majority of WCB clients are satisfied with their overall experience with the WCB. In 2016, the WCB achieved a performance rating of 65%, which indicates that two thirds of injured workers are satisfied with their overall experience with the WCB.


“The results of our survey provide valuable feedback for the WCB and it continues to be a great source to help us identify where we need to focus our resources to serve our clients best,” said WCB Chair Stuart Affleck. “We would like to thank workers and employers, who hold the WCB to the highest standards; you motivate us to continue to strive toward excellence.”


When evaluating the WCB, workers reported that being treated fairly continues to be the most important factor, with 88% of workers rating this as critically important. When asked to rate their satisfaction with WCB staff services, the 2016 was similar to historical results.  


The WCB will continue to explore ways to maintain and improve the high quality of service delivery to workers and employers. For more information, you can view the summary report of the 2016 WCB Injured Workers Survey.  


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