Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Prevention Campaigns

At the WCB, we believe that workplace injuries do not have to happen.

To spread this important message, the WCB is involved in a number of public education initiatives, all aimed at raising awareness of workplace safety and injury prevention.

Working At Heights

Working At Heights Every day on PEI, people work at heights as part of their regular job duties. But no one expects to get hurt at work. In 2019, a worker suffered life altering injuries as a result of being struck by a suspended truss and falling 5.5 meters (18 feet) from unguarded scaffolding to the concrete surface below. As a result of fines levied on this case a widespread education campaign is now underway to ensure proper precautions and legal obligations of employers regarding working from heights are taken, to prevent further accidents like this from happening again.

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Return to Well

Return to Well

Return to Well - Robert's Story
The WCB assists workers in remaining at work, or returning to work after a workplace injury or illness. Watch Robert's Story to learn more about how a safe and timely return to work can benefit workers and employers.


General Awareness

Each of the following commercials tells the story of an injury that would not have happened, if proper attention was given to safety matters.

General Awareness - Tape

Fix it before it's an injury

General Awareness - Guard

Replace it before it's an injury.

General Awareness - Nail

Take care of it before it's an injury.

General Awareness - Bucket

Put it away before it's an injury.

General Awareness - Ladder

Replace it before it's an injury.


Rod Stickman

Rod Stickman, hapless safety hero, is featured in a series of workplace safety videos. Watch Rod as he takes a humourous and informative approach to workplace safety.
Communicating at Work

Communicating at Work
Rod Stickman explains workplace safety rights and responsibilities. Like Rod says, no matter what the job, you have the right to be safe doing it.

Returning to Work

Returning to Work
Rod Stickman demonstrates the importance of a timely and safe return to work after a workplace injury. Like Rod says, staying active is the best way to get up to snuff.

Slips & Falls

Slips & Falls
Rod Stickman helps you avoid some of the most common workplace injuries...slips and falls. Like Rod says, even the smallest things can have big consequences in the workplace.

Working From Heights

Working From Heights
Rod Stickman explains how to be safe while working from heights. Like Rod says, I can be put back together with a pencil, you can't.

Working Safely, By Design

Working Safely, By Design
Rod Stickman talks to you about organizing your workspace to avoid injuries. Like Rod says, if you feel there is something unsafe in your workplace, it is your right to speak up.


Day of Mourning

Day of Mourning Poster

Every year on April 28, workers who have been injured or have lost their lives to workplace injury are remembered.


If you would like more information about our prevention campaigns, please Contact us.